We're a Mumbai-based architectural studio pushing boundaries, embracing boldness, and exploring the novel. Where the unexpected captivates the mind. Creating spaces where people love to live, work, and play. Let's embark on a journey to build beyond.

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Empower every human with the best possible designs and experiences that uplift their energies and aspirations to live a larger life.

To be a vast bank of knowledge, network, systems and skills that allow us to provide you with the best possible solutions for the experience you are seeking.

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Meet the

Founder of Arc Meridian
An interior designer with 30+ years of experience in designing unmatchable interior and exterior spaces believes in bringing life to every space that he designs. His experience along with futuristic thinking assures clients that the secure yet transformative experience they will be embarking on together will be successful. ​
Founder of Arc Meridian
An architectural designer educated at Kingston University London and collaborating with numerous international architects and designers on projects globally designs prioritizing spatial energies and client emotions. He is now looking to bring this vast knowledge and experience to transform the values of people in India and their lifestyle. ​


"A visionary designer foresees a future where design transcends aesthetics to become a harmonious blend of functionality, sustainability, and emotional resonance. In this evolving landscape, spaces curated by us are not just visually captivating but transformative experiences, reflecting our changing lifestyles and needs."

From - Riyansh Shah
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Shailesh Parmar
Sr. I Designer
A harmonious synthesis of
form and function.
Jinali Mehta
Interior Designer
Choreographing aesthetics into a harmonious dance of purpose​.
Rahul vishwakarna
Interior Designer
Sculpt life and light within empty dreams turning them into brimful realities​.
Interior Designer
The art of crafting solutions of functionality and aesthetics.
mansi madhwani
A mute dialect, visually weaving stories that mold our interactions​
akash shinde
The alchemy of passion, blending precision and emotion in every stroke​.
rutuja bhanage
Design is not an option, it's a way of  life that I chose.​
snehal kolekar
The art of turning imagination into tangible delight​​.
Vishal group
50 years of EXCELLENCE
Entities 'VIRA ENTERPRISES' and 'VISHAL REALTORS' define our commitment to quality and trust in real estate. Shortening timelines, we prioritize top-quality materials and cutting-edge knowledge. Your comfort is our top priority, and excellence is our ongoing commitment. Founder Khushal Shah's journey from contractor to renowned builder. Pinesh Shah, partner, and trendsetting interior designer. Tarak Shah, 20+ years of technical expertise, managing finance and administration.
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